Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cacophony of Life

I'm going on about 4 years with a certified wildlife habitat yard in a fully populated suburban area.

That means that the wildlife have food, water, cover, and shelter for raising their young. Some are a pleasure to have around, some are just doing the things that they are required to do to survive, and some are just plain weird....but all so strangely beautiful.

You might be sitting on the deck with a cold one, thinking you are all alone.....but no....there is a whole micro world going on if you just open your eyes to see it.

There is just so much flying, hovering, creeping, leaping, fluttering, oozing, hopping, spinning, munching, biting, chewing, stinging, eating, pooping and sleeping going on all the time. The births and and dying....and all the crazy mating rituals right there, possibly in plain view.

So take your kids, your husband or wife, a friend or just yourself outside and sit and observe and listen and live a little beyond the walls of your will make you smile!

And you might find you are bringing something interesting and entertaining to this "other" world.

And don't be surprised at what unusual and cute wildlife might show up at any time...........