Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday...the best day ever!

I take Mondays off from my day job because what else makes Monday the best day ever....and it gives me one day to recover from our crazy weekends and catch up on things that have fallen by the my blog.
I've proudly crossed off several items on my "yeah right, you can get all this done in one day" list and I am now sitting on my deck, with the unbelievable sound of thunder rolling in.....a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued until 10 pm says our favorite meteorologist, Pete Delkus. Birds and squirrels  are hitting up all the feeding hotspots and don't seem to be too concerned about the impending storm and I am contemplating adding a glass of wine to completely make this an absolute perfect make it phenomenal would require a margarita but my sweetie is away at work and he is the best margarita maker around. it is! 

I'm pretty sure winter is finally over, at least in this neck of the woods. The garden is revving its engine getting ready to jump into gear and race into nonstop beauty and I can hardly wait. Things have been greening up, with some sporadic burst of blooms here and there.....but just you wait.....
I've been consulting with some local garden experts to see what kind of changes we will be making this year.

 And one of them is the Olla......our experiment to see if it makes a difference in the water know.....DROUGHT! Plus, we should all be aware of this world's resources and be as conscientious as possible. This little item will be buried in the bed up to its neck and filled with should slowly seep out and spread to the thirsty little roots.

We have almost reached the point that we can eliminated the lawn mower, except for two small patches of grass in the front and the "alley". But maybe we can convince the goats to take over!
Well, my presence is required in the house as the hours fly by and dinner time clever dogs are always kind enough to keep me informed of that fact.
So I will bid you adieu and leave you with just a few more minutes of garden time.........
just close the gate when you leave......

and no smoking please..........


  1. Your garden is always enchanting.

  2. Really nice pics and garden. See our favorite meteorologist, Pete Delkus. Birds and squirrels are hitting up all the feeding hotspots. its really amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. When we lived in Texas, I was a member and officer of The Corsicana Garden Club and The Dallas Garden Club. Our groups toured many gardens, but none as beautiful as yours. You have a gift and our Mother Earth strokes your hair. kisskiss