Thursday, March 26, 2015

Be still my heart

This time of year sets my heart racing, my blood flowing with a whole lot of drooling and ewwwwing and awwwwwing. I walk into a nursery and just stop and stare, totally mesmerized.....taking in all the smells and colors and sounds....and I'm not talking a kid siree! We're talking newly grown, happy, full, beautiful plants; Plants that are just crying out for a new home, some place to spread their roots and reach for the sun!
Oh the self control it takes to not just fill a cart or two or three....for my garden has so many bare spots and is just crying out for a color punch! But I am not falling for this Spring gets me every year. But this year I know better! All those perennials that are hiding under the mulch and soil, just ready to pop out at any time.....they need their space. The markers I so cleverly placed last fall did not make it through the winter, so I will be surprised and reminded of these hidden treasures as they make their appearances. Oh yeah! And all the seeds I have scattered, and the re-seeders that are planing on showing up again, in some random spot of their own choosing. So.....I will definitely not buy anything right now!

Okay......alright......It's not my fault!

And I didn't even buy this one......a friend brought it over!
So I know....I probably need counseling, or..............I can just blame my husband. He calls me the ultimate Earth Mother and bringing in new baby plants is just part of my makeup. So there! Ha! Justified! There's a little justification dance going on right now!

Coming home after my "not buying" excursion and it being a most glorious day...with sunshine....I decided to peruse the garden and see what's going on, what survived the winter and what "chores/fun" will be arising in the next few weeks....months.....etc....etc...etc.....
The survivors........
 The cabbage just seems to be getting happier as the days go by.
The kale was a delight all winter long....but it is hard to wait to cut down the daffodils that are no longer blooming.....apparently they need to keep their leaves for a while to do some important work so that they will bloom again next year.
The amazing broccoli (so glad for spell check.....I always want to spell it brocolli) got ignored and went to flower before we harvested.....but flowers are so wonderful in all their glory!
The dill is all perky just waiting for the swallowtail butterflies to arrive.

This little broccoli guy just came up on his own in the crack of our brick pathway. Way to go little guy!

Our early spring bloomers and popper uppers are hard at play just doing what they do best....the early risers get the bees!

One of my early projects was to reclaim my leaky Voila'.....
And set out the 100% cotton yarn for home building materials for the birds.

And keep the compost cooking.....

Frame the really cool dragonfly picture in the really cool frame....
And put out the newest addition to the growing garden family of whimsicals....

So yes.....I am ready....and waiting....but enjoying each and every moment before, during and after.....Loving life and living fully and walking in my earth mother shoes!

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  1. There's so much I love about this! It makes me excited for spring in spite of myself!