Monday, May 25, 2009

Garden Geek

Thanks for taking a walk with me through my garden today!
I did not plant these but I like them just fine here.
The butterflys love lantana also
The butterfly weed will hopefully do it's job and bring me lots of pretty creatures
Goldenrod stands up for it's name
I love this little flower, Gomphrena....the red is a little harder to find at nurserys.
The Mexican Hat is settling in nicely in places it chooses on its own
Meet "Joey" Ptilotus exaltatus the newest addition to our garden family
This is a special delight.....bee has a most wonderful aroma also
Can you smell the anise hyssop from where you are?
I grow passionvine everywhere so that I can feed these wonderful soon to be butterflys
"Stella de Oro" daylily will continue to make her statement as a lovely lady
My Echinacea is starting to venture out beyond it's bed....I'm finding it all over!
Zexmenia loves the Texas heat!
Pavonia, Rockrose, loves being next to the lantana
Hypericum -Saint John's wort has such a sunny disposition
I love the way the flowers on the bulbine look. What a fascinating plant
I try to just sit and enjoy it, but I always have to stop and get my hands dirty
Such a full range of colors, textures and smells

I am definitely a geek when it comes to gardening. If I could put my tools in a pocketprotector in my pocket, I most certainly would. Today was a beautiful day....perfect weather, sunlight, and color. Just want to share a bit of my morning with you. Sit back and enjoy the garden candy!

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  1. When I grow up I hope to have a garden as wondrous as yours. Right now, I'm just tryin not to kill my two houseplants.