Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is a gnomal day in my garden

There is always magic in your garden if you take time to look. Gnormally I am so rushed and busy I might miss what is really going on....but today it was so beautiful, I just took some time to look around.

You must pay attention and look carefully or you might miss something
The birds singing, the breeze blowing through the trees and chimes....and possibly a flute or pennywhistle
Dodo's really do exist, but seem to be quite shy and sleepy
Rocks keep popping up in unexpected places, and now I know why
This lovely lady is in her element
There is always someone around to take care of the birds even if I forget to put out seed
This is the director of all garden events. He knows it all
A show is twice as good if it has an audience
After all the work is done it is time for a little R & R
Wisdom willingly wanders with wonder and wistfulness
Open your eyes to the magic that is all around you

1 comment:

  1. Your Gnomes are cute! My favorite is the one hiding by your Oxalis.